How do I get my Cart of RapidCart pro in foundation


I have a compleet website in Foundation. Now I want to show my RCart Pro cart in foundation theme. Does anyone have a solution?

hope to here from you

When I use plugins I normally use pluskit to @import((my page)) to a text stack then I can move it around etc

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I use Rapid Cart Pro 4 on a Foundation page. It works fine, but there are some limitations.

If you use the Stacks, you have more freedom. I haven’t figured out how to make the auto generated RapidCart pages work with Foundation, so I had to use a different theme for those pages only.

For instance, go to this page

Click any item and you’ll see what I mean.

I have too many products to generate a product page for each piece of Sheet Music for sale.

The CD product pages are all Foundation/Stacks pages, but there are only 6 of them.

Also, the Cart page needs to be a non-Foundation theme, or at least that is my solution. I would love to hear from someone who has a solution that allows me to utilize the Foundation theme on RapidCart pro auto generated pages.

Terry Vosbein

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The way I have seen people do it is to make a page with just a topbar stack in it. Then use PlusKit to @i((import)) it in the header of the RCP pages.


There are a few pluggins I use on every site and pluskit is the first one I add to a project.

Well described @caffeineinjection, thank you for sharing with the community on this.


Has anyone tried this what @SteveB has done? But then on a Foundations site? Currently I am building a new site for a golfpro incl. RCP golfshop and will not publish yet, but I am using the SmartPreview. I put the code “@import((source_page_name))” in the header section of RCP where I renamed the “source_page…” into the Stack page which a named “header”. In SmartPreview it is not importing but just showing it as text. Does it only ‘work’ once the site has been published public?

@zeebe Do you know if it can be done in Foundation?

This comment on the PlusKit Reference Guide is a bit worrying:
_PlusKit lets you pull the contents of one page into another. _

This is a pro-level tool. Although you can combine some pages that work great together, PlusKit also allows you to combine pages that don’t work great together. Most of the time, if you’ve followed all the requirements and the import is not working, then it simply won’t work.

This is completely different now that they released new stacks. I have not played with it, but I am sure others have.

I am using RW6.4, Foundation 1.7, Stacks 3.1, RCP4.8.1 (full advanced version) and PlusKit bought yesterday (and maybe waisted money on that…).

Plus kit is brilliant tool I use it on every project. I would not say you wasted money on it

Are there any new development on this mather?

I believe they now offer stacks, you should contact the 4gnd team.

I am currently building a store with RapidCartPro Advanced using Foundation. I am using their stacks for the actual store and for individual product pages and to build a catalog. I’am lucky in that I only have a few products so I didn’t have to build to many pages. Now for the tricky part. RapidCartPro uses it’s own store to build the catalog and product pages. However, if you plan on using the Stacks included with RapidCart Pro you have to use the Store Stack to create a new Store. Don’t delete the original RapidCart Store page! RCP uses this to update the new Stacks Store page. This is how the product Stacks work with the new Stacks Store page. Once you make the Store Stack page you should go to Customizations and Settings. You will see under the heading “General” a Stacks Store URL listing. On the right-hand side you will see a field with 3 dots in it. Click on this and select the Store Stacks Page you made. This will allow your Product Stacks pages to see your new Store Stacks page. Now it will work! Make sure you unselect the original RCP stores page in the Inspector, in the General Settings. Uncheck all the top boxes so it will publish but it won’t show in your Page Menu.

Now they have bugs in their app currently. I found the Product Grid stack doesn’t work, but you can work around this by using the Foundation Column Stacks and put the single product stack into the columns depending on the number of products you have. This works!

Also when you are using the Database feature. You must not follow their manual as they tell you to use the same URL as in the Web URL in the General Settings of RW. This will not work. For example my setting in the General Settings is [] but in the database settings I have - localhost for the Server Address. This took me days to figure out.

Right now I have the problem that the payment types are not recognized by the server database. Still trying to get an answer for this. But my catalog works fine now. Just need to get thru the problem of the Cart.

Hope this helps you.



I’m pretty sure @LSPhoto has a Foundation project that uses RCP. @dylan sells a Foundation project theme that is integrated with RCP. I have one myself but it is in demo mode right now so I don’t have ‘real world’ experience/examples to share yet.


I am not using Foundation. I am using a modified version of @willwood / Volcano theme. However, I have spent 3 months getting my cart set up using RCP and I feel like I know it pretty well now. I am still waiting to hear back from @rob on a couple of things.

I had to get rid of PlusKit, but I think it was before they did some updating on RW 7.2, so I don’t know if that is working now.

I use all stacks pages and have my store stack on this page:
user is “test” pass is “asil-test-0101”

The set store cart url in the cart customization settings is shown in the attached screenshot.

The only stacks I am using for RCP are the cart stack, the product stack for tags/categories/buttons, the versions stack, and the product grid stack. I used other stacks for images and text.

I acutely bought the RCP video instruction by @ben Counsell. It was very helpful but there were still some things to figure out after that.

I’m happy to answer any specific questions I can.


Regarding getting your Cart into a RapidCart Pro foundation site. If you are using RCP stacks which should include a Cart stack, Store Stack, Grid Stack and Product Stack. If you don’t have all of these you should go back to the developer’s site and download the latest version of RCP.

To add the Cart. I used another stack called “Sticky” and you can get it from “Stacks4Stacks”. I like it because you can easily position the cart button where you want it. You can add it to the top or bottom of the page. To use the stack just put the Sticky stack at the top of the page and put the Cart stack inside the Sticky stack. In the Sticky Page Inspector, click on the far right icon which will give you the Sticky stack page information. Select where you want the Cart Button to be located and change any of the available selections you need. Now publish and your Cart Button will be displayed.

Now for the bad news. I am having problems with the cart stack connecting to the Payment companies, such as Paypal and Stripe. Right now there is a problem with payment methods being displayed properly. Haven’t heard from Support yet. I will post when I get an answer or figure it out myself. So far I have figured everything out myself. I should have it figured out soon.

Hope this helps you.



I am also using @willwood Sticky Stack for my cart, as circled in my screenshot above.

Not sure if this is useful but, I was having problems on my test site for a while and then realized that when I copied the API keys from Stripe (by double-clicking and then CMD+C), it was including a space at the end. As the keys were hidden/hashed in the RCP settings, I didn’t notice right away. Removing the space allowed ti to work properly.

Probably unrelated to your issue, but just in case.



I try to figure something out. In the shop I only see the “more information” button under my product. I thought I have seen it otherwise, that the ‘add to cart’ button what there if you only have one version of the product. Now I can’t get it back :fearful:

When I use a stack then it is there if I select ‘versions’…

Hope anyone can help me, I am sitting on it al day… :scream:


Grtz Eddy (form the Netherlands)