RapidCart Pro Customization

(Christopher Powers ) #1

I have looked high and low in order to figure out how to change the product background from that light blue to something else and I can’t find it.
I have gone through the css and used the UI kit and nothing seems to change it.

What am I doing wrong?
Is it even possible?

Please help.

(klaatu) #2

What am I doing wrong?

Not providing a link for us to see it and give you the css.

(Christopher Powers ) #3

Sorry… might have been useful.


(klaatu) #4

What blue background are we looking for?

(Christopher Powers ) #5

I now have a different issue than what was originally thought.
For whatever reason, my browsers are not loading the most current content.
I have tried Safari and Chrome and they both are not refreshing the way they should.
I have cleared caches and history and still nothing.
It’s odd.
This isn’t the only thing I’ve seen it with.
It’s making go nuts!

(Christopher Powers ) #6

This is what I see… on my phone, and 2 browsers on my Mac.

(Christopher Powers ) #7

I have tested on 3 other computers and it is showing the same thing as what I sent.

(Barrie McDermid) #8

Try clearing the cache and then do a full republish.

(Christopher Powers ) #9

I’ve done that.
I have made all assets and resources as changed and re-published all files and have cleared out the cache.

(Christopher Powers ) #10

And now magically it’s showing correctly.

(system) #11

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