RapidCart Pro - 'spacing'

Hi all,

As you can see by the attached, the Search, Tags etc. is too bunched up. i used Ulkit to customize the page, had a look in the code but can’t seem to be able to better space the buttons & lettering out?

Any advice (apart from give up ;)) would be greatly appreciated,

Best regards,



We need to be able to see the website live to give you some CSS help.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for that. I’m a first time website builder, so a lot of stuff is very new to me. I’d like to keep the structure of the code, but yes, I’d likt to make the appearance of the .jpeg I attached to appear much ‘cleaner’, more professional.

Hi Neil,

The website is live, but I’m working on a test version of it, building the store, and tweaking it before I roll it out to live.


I dropped just the code you sent me, however (ignore the colouring), but didn’t resolve the spacing issue?

Am I doing something wrong/missing the point?

Kind regards,


Hi Steve,

All from the Ulkit customizer. It ony allowed me to tweak the colours pretty much.

The padding, font sizing, etc. etc. was all greyed out (have to buy the ‘advanced’ cart to unlock the extras)

Roger that, I’ll give it a try now.

Really appreciate your advice & time

Nope, poxy thing still looks the same.

All I want to do it have a break between say:



Instead of the SEARCH being directly underneath CART, if that makes sense?

I’m working on it in test, tweaking everthing before rolling it out to live.

I can quickly publish it now, then you can take a look?

Sorry about this, i’m a first time web builder :wink:

Just building it ‘locally’ on my mac, didn’t want to roll it out to ‘live’ as it’s no where near 'ready

Just published it:



It looks terrible!

Needs a hell of a lot of work doing it to it still, or setting on fire, not sure which? :wink:

Thing is, can I use a different theme for the store?

I’m using Lander Pro for the website as a whole, and quite like it :slight_smile:

Yeah, still there.

Let me clear cache etc.

Yeah, I’ll give it a shot.

Can I use a different theme for the store, keeping the ‘main’ theme for the rest of the website?

Roger that.

Thanks ever so much for your time & help Steve, massively appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Steve,

Sussed it.

I played around with the sidebar (hide it completely), and Voila! It’s all looking good now.

Thanks ever so much for all your help,

Best Regards,


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