Rapidcart Pro Product Options examples

Does anyone have a live Rapicart Pro store that shows how you’ve integrated product options (i.e. product variations that change the cost of an item)?

I’m looking to use RCP as a way to pay for event registrations for a local community groups’ Spring and Christmas markets. There is a fixed cost (purchasing a ‘booth’) and then a handful of options (electrical outlet access, extra chairs and supplies, etc).

I’m wondering how to best set it up and wouldn’t mind seeing some live examples (I’m away from my Mac for a few days to test it on my own). I’m thinking to have the booth as the product, and then set up options within that. Or maybe it is better to have each option as its own product?

Just curious to see other setups.

Thanks in advance,

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I’m in the middle of working on my store and there are some kinks to work out, but you can check it out here: https://www.lisasandlerphotography.com/client-store/?catalog/all/-/date/1
I use both versions and options.

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So, in your setup (and using this as an example: https://www.lisasandlerphotography.com/client-store/prints-wall-art/acrylic-table-blocks/ )
The ‘Paper’ is your Product Version? And then the options that pop up upon clicking the shopping cart are the Product Options? Do I have that correct?

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Yes, you got it :slight_smile:
I’ve literally been working on this for a couple of months and it took me some time to figure it out.

That page you chose only has one version, but for example, this one has 2: https://www.lisasandlerphotography.com/client-store/prints-wall-art/printwraps/.

This page I had to do 2 different products, then add my versions: https://www.lisasandlerphotography.com/client-store/gifts/ornaments/

and p.s. I am working on it now so pages may change as I update.

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Perfect! Exactly what I needed to see. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Glad to help. I’m usually the one asking for help :slight_smile:

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