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Hey Everyone, I have a bunch of questions. I built my page with RapidCart - but I want some of the features of RapidCart Pro. So I started building that page but it does not look nearly as nice.

Here is my store with regular rapidcart

Here is the hidden rapidcart pro page
I basically want the pro page to look like the regular page.

Ok here are the known issues:
1 - since I only have one product for now I would like to see it on the main page without clicking on it - just like on the regular page.
2 - i want the photos to be all the same size thumbnails, and the description to be right of the images and not wrapped below. like it is on the regular page
3 - i tried playing with the customization css page and it messed my background up - i deleted everything but my background is still white and not black. how do i get that back?
4 - i have 1 product with 4 design/color variations and 3 sizes. i like the way it looks on the regular page, but i prefer the details that versions offer (individual sku’s, qty available, etc)- but i want it to look like options-use a drop down menu to pick, as opposed to that button that version offers. hopefully that makes sense?

Im sure I will have more questions but if anyone can help with these that would be Greatly Appreciated, Thanks!

You can do that with a Customized Product Page built with Stacks.
Here’s an example.
RapidCart Pro Stacks are included in plugin installation image.

You can download our RapidCart Pro demo project just to see how a customized product page is built.

RapidCart Pro doesn’t store product images and so can’t edit (crop, resize, …) them.
You need to crop your pictures before adding them to your project Resources list.
RapidCart Pro comes with a predefined product page layout with some settings for gallery size and position.
As above, if you want a customized product page, you can build it with RapidCart Pro Stacks.

Is the background visible in a “untouched” RapidCart Pro page?
If not, please contact us and we will help you in fixing the problem.

Products are treated that way at the moment, with boxes for versions and modal menu for customization options.
We are working on different layouts that will be available later this year.

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Thanks for all your help Rob, I implemented a stacks page as you suggested, much happier -
But I have a few more questions.
question 1, 2 & 4 have been taken care of
as for 3 - I went ahead and deleted my first rapidcart pro page and started all over - and yet i still get the white background. And the navigation bar is off to the right a little.
Here are the webpages in question.
the stack page
And the Rapidcart Pro page

A new question: How do i change the color of the text in the version buttons? I was thinking a dark gray
How do I add the cart so that it appears at all times at the top even when scrolling, like it does with regular RapidCart?
Like this page: http://www.weeriderz.com/rapidcart/rapidcart.html
And lastly I would like to change the cart button to green

Just replied on our support website. :grinning:

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Hi Rob,
I am almost set with my Rapidcart Pro store.

I can’t figure out how to have the Cart icon fixed scrolling (i guess it’s located in the “header” or navigation tab of the website) so you always see it in the page, as in your sample project. Didn’t find code or something to achieve that.
What am I missing?


Hopefully someone else can answer for you, last post from RCP was back in November.