Rapidcart Pro - Problem

(Simon Palmer) #1

Hi Folks,

I posted on the developers site, and seem to have been ignored, so I’ll post to the community who may know more!

Here is my dilemma.
Scenario: I have photographic products that come in about 6 different flavours each (four sizes, Print and Canvas), and framed prints. I have clients wanting to buy my prints in the UK, European and US.

Setting up the prices for the prints is not a problem, however, setting up shipping prices are beyond me. It seems the system has one set of tariffs you can create for shipping. But, I need to be able to offer different shipping costs in different countries, based on what they order.

So, if I get an order for a framed print in the UK, it costs (example) £10, but in Europe that would be £16, and in the US, £36. If this person also orders a canvas, it will cost £10 for the UK, £12 for Europe, and £20 for the US.

Help! Its doing my brain in and as a simple photographer, I thinking I might have to drop RC Pro, and go to something else!

(steve bee) #2

I don’t have the solution for you regards Rapidcart, I only use it for relatively simple online shops, but I can tell that this sort of problem isn’t by any means unique to Rapidcart. Most systems will require a lot of head scratching or simply can’t cope with complex shipping and costing requirements. Some of my sites use extremely advanced systems and still suffer.

If you want to take a simple but non-elegant route that will require the buyer to do some thinking (and so might put them off) then charge a flat rate for generic shipping, then setup a load of coupon codes that add or subtract a defined amount. List these on the site and hope the buyer selects and applies the right one. It’s how we all used to do it before online carts became more sophisticated.

(Simon Palmer) #3

Thanks Steve B, The other thing I’ve had mentioned is to include basic shipping in the price of the product, and then use options to to add incremental amounts where required. Trouble is that it doesn’t handle a split product order (Canvas and framed print) for example.

I have come up with a suggestion for the folks who make RC, but they haven’t relied at all to my post.

(steve bee) #4

Free shipping raises all kinds of issues when it comes to returns: If the cost of shipping in built in to the price, then in the eyes of the consumer rights laws it’s free shipping. So, if someone returns something for a refund, you can not deduct from the refund the initial shipping cost.

The only reason to offer free shipping is if you’re selling a generic product and your competitors are, otherwise charge for it.

(Lisa Sandler) #5

Yes, @rob from RCP foreground has been MIA for at least a month. I haven’t heard back from him either :frowning:

(Simon Palmer) #6

Thanks for the replies everyone. It appears that there isn’t an easy way round this, even though I suggested an idea for a future enhancement to RCPro.

Guess I’ll have to look elsewhere soon.