RapidCartPro doesn't send download link for digital downloads

Setting aside lack of Help for RapidCart Pro…

It seems that RCP does not send digital download links anymore!
I sell ebooks and it used to work perfectly.
Now, RCP simply sends invoice looking emails with no download link.

what do i do?
it is pretty detrimental to my business as I have been sending the files manually now…

this is a link to my estore

attachment is the email they send, with no download links:

I have a slightly different, but perhaps related, problem. RapidCartPro sometimes sends out the “invoice looking emails” that have a download button, and sometimes it doesn’t send anything.

When I try to manually send:

  1. sometimes it works

  2. sometimes I get this error message in RW, and nothing is sent:
    Error: Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /hsphere/local/home/c15529/www.maxfrankmusic.com/rw_common/plugins/rapidcartpro/system/RCCart.php on line 1239 OK

  3. Sometimes I get the error message and nothing is sent. Unless a customer tells me, I don’t know when things have gone awry.

Terry V

When I manually send to myself from RCP, I receive an email with the download button and it works.
But for the customers, I have no idea. Today, I sat and sent everyone their file manually as well, hoping that I reassured them before they complain. Did they have anything to complain about? I am not sure. The emails I receive about their purchase simple shows invoice looking emails, not downloads. But, previously, they used to be download links, so I’d know…
It is really messed up, and blaming my server/host is the easy/cheesy way out.

@rob from RCP was on the forum the other day. Let’s hope he can help. Also, there was an update to RCP a few days ago. Have you updated? Is the issue since you updated?

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I did update, which makes me think it is related.

I updated RCP, updated my store with few new products, uploaded to server; and this happened.

No issues have been reported on digital downloads since our latest RapidCart Pro release.
Did you try to force a complete republish?
Please contact us at help@4gnd.com.

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