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I’m a newbie but I think I’m nearly there although I have one, quite serious, glitch with my RW7 website. I have a site with downloadable digital products. So far the customer (me so far) can go onto the website, choose a track (mp3 or pdf), purchase the track (it goes into the cart), pay for the product but no link is sent. I have all the files uploaded to my Amazon S3 account.

My problem is how to configure the link in RW7 setup to the Amazon S3 account so a link is sent to the customer to enable the download. I believe I need to find the address, username, password and database name for my S3 account and put it in the Database area in my RCPsetup up panel. (Customization>Settings) {link below) Would I be correct in thinking this would resolve the problem?

If this is the case, and I hope it is otherwise i’m stumped, I’m not sure where I find this on my Amazon S3 login? A screenshot of an example would be brilliant. I have already inserted the Access key ID and the Secret Key Access in the Digital Delivery section. I believe this has been set up properly.

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Please read RapidCart Pro documentation in order to know how to configure and link Amazon S3 bucket.

Thanks for your response. If I understand correctly I don’t need to add anything in the Database section apart from ticking the ‘Enable MySQL support’ box? Maybe I don’t need to tick that?

I have already, succesfully?, added the Amazon S3 Access Key and Secret Key

Database is used to save order details and handle stock management.

If Amazon S3 is correctly configured you can try and manually send a download link from Versions window (click the paper plane icon).

Hi. Thanks for your advice. I sent a file to myself from the products>versions area using the aeroplane icon. I received and email, I clicked on the link then received an error message

Connection failed: SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Access denied for user ‘grooveworld’@‘localhost’ (using password: NO)

(screenshot attached)

Would the problem be my setup in AmazonS3. I feel that in the database area of the settings Customization>Settings I need to fill in the correct Address/Port/Username/Password and Database name taken from AmazonS3 somehow. My original question.Where do I get this information from if this is the information I need?

In Database panel you need to set MySQL credentials.
In Digital Delivery panel you need to set Amazon S3 credentials.

It’s clearly written in the documentation.

I know what you’re saying. I have set up the delivery section but I don’t know what information to put in the Database panel. Where do | get the information from? I don’t know what MySQL actually means, I think it is basically access to the AmazonS3 account by a customer following a purchase so the file is then accessed for download. I’m working this out as I go along. I’ve read the guide how to set up RCPro. I think this is the last panel to complete so everything configures.

Going into my account I see I have an Account Id (12 digits) Seller (11 letters) Account name and password. Do I need this information?

I need to know the page in Amazon S3 where I can get the information to put into the Database Panel. I’m guessing I use the name from the Services>S3 (bucket information) for the Database name. All my files are in there so it makes sense to me.

You have configured RC with AmazonS3 so you must have information how to extract the information from S3 to put into the Database Panel.

You need to ask your hosting provider.

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