RapidCart Pro and invoice Information

is there anyone that can help me with this plugin? The foreground help is non existent…
Im having trouble with orders… the order is completed at PayPal but the invoice has no information about what the customer actually ordered. The same for the email sent to notify of a purchase. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to correct that. It’s getting kinda silly to have to contact every customer and ask what they purchased. The email confirmation sent to the customer is the same… no information about what they actually purchased… Just a string of numbers and letters…
so frustrating…
hope someone here can help

Problem from the beginning

In the settings panel of Rapidcart there is an area for email, I would double check the settings in this location. To my knowledge this area is the setup for the email that sends the order information. What you are seeing right now is just payment information (generated by paypal I assume)

So it could be either it isn’t set up, missed setting ect. Without it your not letting the plugin send the order information to you and your customer.

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i have email addresses in the in the settings but never receive any emails to those addresses.
The real problem is that there is no information in the PayPal invoice that informs me what they purchased

Yeah there isn’t going to be any information in the paypal invoice. It’s a function of the plugin, the order information is sent to the email you set up in the “settings”.

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I am not receiving emails from Rapid Cart… I’ve tried several email addresses and nothing gets mailed to me.

Got a screenshot of your email settings in RCP?

here ya go

Very strange that you don’t receive anything. I would try removing RCP from your server and then republish all files. I’d back up the files on the server first.

Depending on your host, your “from” address sometimes needs to match your url. If you were to change the from address to something like admin@jimmysarcade.com but receive orders from the emails you have setup, that might help.

So it gets even more peculiar.
I duplicated a fully functioning store that uses Rapid Cart 3 (old version).
The cart still doesn’t work. PayPal claims there is an error, Strip plays dumb, Google Pay has some odd error message.I have managed to get email notification of orders using the direct order function. That never worked in RapidCart Pro 4.
I’m wondering if it is the RW template that is broken somewhere in the code.
I’ve given up on any help for Foundation responding to request for help.
Looks like I’m going to build a new site based on the doublenaughtrecords template…
thanks for all of your suggestions… and if anyone has any other ideas… hit me
We will see

I know that RCP 4 and RCP 3 connect with PayPal differently so I wouldn’t expect it to work straight away but not sure on your other issues off the top of my head…

I’ve been using Rapidcart for months without any issues. Payments and emails are received almost daily. I use Stripe for payments, again with no issues. There are no issues with Rapidcart, only the way it is set up.

What issue are you having with Foundation?

Hi @SteveB,

Yes, I’m using Stripe with Rapidcart, payments arrive in my Stripe account immediately, then into my UK bank account 5-7 days later. The commissions are quite low and the process is very smooth.

Sorry Foreground… not Foundation…

Another +1 for Stripe!

No worries :slight_smile:

Here the same problem. I don’t use paypal, so that is not the problem. At the past 3 weeks my store is online i’ve received already 3 times an payment email from my iDeal provider(mollie) but NO order-email from RCP. I must return an little amount to the customer (via mollie refund) and ask them for their order by email again.

This is not happen everytime, the ratio is about 1 on 10 that will not send order details to my email. Also no order-details in the Admin-area!

Very strange problem, because when the user has paid the order via an payment-provider the Cart has done all the work good, just the ordering-email is failling sometimes!!

Someone help??

I have the same her, Mollie, 1 in 6 or so goes wrong, buyer does not get the confirmation email with downloadlink (nor do I get the copy) after successful payment.
Very, VERY annoying!
Happened to me today again! I had to refund and let them order again.

Have you looked in your spam mail ? Sometimes I find my rapid cart pro invoice email in my spam folder.
The PayPal notification goes to correct address. I think it may be something to do with the invoice subject description that may contain suspicious spam names. I use the word “honey “ in part of my description.