Need stack to aid with formatting text

I am replacing old RW4 sites with new RW7 sites. I need a stack that will enable me to cut and paste previously formatted text directly from RW4 page or Pages document. Styled text will not let me change font size and I don’t understand “Markdown.” Plus I need to be able to put more space in between the lines for easier reading. The text is a mixture of paragraph and bulleted lists. I want to use as little CSS code as possible. The whole reason for RapidWeaver I thought was to make it unnecessary to use code. Now the trend seems to be combining CSS with everything - catering to developers instead of little folk like me who cannot afford to hire a website designer. I have at least 5 sites to revise. I don’t have a problem learning a bit of code. But I have a hard enough time keeping up with the professional applications I already use as a videographer, photographer, and composer. I need something simple please. Thanks!

Try Big White Ducks Paragraph Pro. It is free, but tipping the dev is greatly appreciated. It has settings for line height and several other settings that will help you. You can copy and paste text just be sure to use the Edit menu in your Mac menu bar for Rapidweaver and Paste and Match Style.


+1 for Paragraph Pro. Brilliant stack and well worth a tip!

Alternatively, you could look at using the built-in text stack and combine it with Marathia’s Line Height stack (available in pay-what-you-like form).

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Thanks Steve! I will try it.

Thanks for the additional feedback!

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