RapidSearch not working in a Dashboard theme

Working on upgrading a old site to modern standards. It must serve a great deal of content, so I bought Nick Cates Dashboard theme to serve the pages. Works great. Next up a search engine to find images and display them was next. Shopping around, I found RapidSearch–Will Woodgate’s offering–and it seemed up to the job. Didn’t work.

I reached out to William and among other things, thought it was the SEO that might be the problem. While the SEO is a hot mess (and being corrected), I tried the RapidSearch Stack on another site. Worked straight away. For whatever reason, when the search field or helper stack makes a call for google to run a search, it doesn’t go out. even though a valid cx identity is used, pasted as unformatted text etc.

There is much to do on this site which serves up political satire, if anyone has advice it would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance for reading through.

Would probably need to provide a URL to get help with this issue.

  • RapidSearch depends on when and what Google indexed on a site. You may have to wait days or weeks for Google to index your site. You also have the privacy concerns when ever you deal with Google.

  • RapidSearchGo depends on DuckDuckGo in a similar way, without the privacy issues.

  • RapidSearchLive builds a flat file database by reading your sites sitemap.xml file. It catalogues all the descriptions titles and other meta data on each page on the sitemap.xml file. You have more “control” of what appears in search results, but need to provide and keep current with the metadata.

  • RaprdSearchPro builds its own search database, in MySQL database format by internally searching the content of each page. This also uses the sitemap.xml file.

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