An internal search tool for my site that does not use googlesearch

My site :


Do you know if we can adapt this search system to RAPIDWEAVER?
(In this example it is a CMS (content management system) WordPress, coupled with a plugin / database extension adapted to the needs of the site. )

I would like to put this tool on the home page of one of my two sites.

I use rapidsearchPro for the moment but it goes through GoogleSearch

Best regards and thank you

Laurent from Brittany in FRANCE

Bonsoir Laurent,

The second link is not easily going to be made for Rapid Weaver. The search system looks more like a filter. There are many filter stacks available but not sure what to recommend as I don’t have one that I use.

For a non-GoogleSearch for your site have a look at Live Search Live Search - RapidWeaver Stack

Hope that helps,

Bonjour Paul,

this pluging is interesting and meets my expectations a little, I will look at it closely. I’m looking to make searching as easy as possible on my site.
If I don’t find anything else I’ll go to Live Search.

Thanks and have a nice day.
Laurent from Brittany in FRANCE

I don’t think RapidSearch-Pro ever had dependencies on Google. I think you might be confusing this with RapidSearch which used a Google custom search of your website?

Here are links to all the current search stacks I make:

The only one in that list that uses Google is RapidSearch.

There are free trial versions of everything listed there, so you can have complete confidence in knowing what you are buying. All these search stacks are updated to work with the newest versions of RapidWeaver and Stacks. Excellent compatibility is offered for various themes and frameworks.

The example in the website you are trying to replicate seems to be more of a filtering system, rather than a searching setup. The Filter stack would likely be the best tool to replicate something like that if you need to iterate over multiple criteria:

There’s a good chance the updated Builder stack will let you filter lists of items too when it’s released.

Thanks to you for these explanations, I will take the time to understand how each one works. I bought DuckSearch and RapidSearch. I am probably confusing the 2.

Filter og Builder er tilpasset til mit projekt.

Best regards.

Laurent from Brittany in FRANCE

Yes, DuckSearch was using the DuckDuckGo search engine to return search results. The RapidSearch stack and plugin was using Google for its search database.

If you prefer building the search result listing yourself (not relying on DuckDuckGo or Google) then the SimpleSearch or Indexer stacks would likely be the best option to look at using.

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