RapidsearchPro2 - alternative navigation

Although RSPro works well, I have a problem in that if I have a word in my navigation bar (currently using self-curated Foundry MegaMenu) and someone searches for that word, the RSPro search results will show that term as appearing on all pages on the site.
So if I have a page called “Biscuits” and a navbar link to that page, if someone searches for biscuits the search results will say that every page on the site has something to do with biscuits.
I guess it gets left to the user to check out the page title and the description to determine which page is most relevant.
Is there some way of getting around this?
I had thought of creating a navbar which didn’t use text but perhaps used text-as-image within a grid within a sticky content stack.
Do other RSPro users find this a problem? Or am I making too much of it?
Comments as always would be very welcome.

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