Rapidwaever code completion

(studiozellige) #1


… Would anyone a trick to remove the damn completion function, permanently?
It is intolerable and very little productive! …

Many thanks to my nerves … :wink:

(Stuart) #2

This has been mentioned a few times. I’m not aware of any workarounds or information from RMS about what the plan is for developing code completion into something that’s useful.

I totally get your pain. The best I can suggest is to use something else to write your code then paste it in.

(Oscar Schmid) #3

I write only in edit mode, or very quickly :wink:

Edit: I see, I have misunderstood the first post.
Not the refresh is the problem, excuse me please.

(Peter Danckwerts) #4

@nikf Can we please get a way to switch code completion off? Or just get rid of it? It drives me mad. Far from helping, it prevents me from typing valid code.