Rapidweaver 6? Working! Rapidblog? Showing up but how do I integrate it into the theme?

Hi all,

I’ve just coped with installing Rapidweaver 6 (yay!) so now I’m having a go and updating one of my really old sites into a new responsive theme (double yay!). Just one problem: I’ve popped in a rapidblog page, (I need a blog and I won’t need to synch it with an outside source I’ll always be blogging from the page itself.) But I can’t remember how to integrate it into the look of the theme itself. Currently the blog page is previewing all on its own, without any styling from the rest of the theme. I know it’s probably really simple, and I know today is my first day with Rapidweaver 6, but can someone just remind me how I get it to integrate into my styled page, as I can’t find any info on the net as yet.