Rapidweaver Wordpress plugin sidebar CSS

Hi Folks!

I am a fairly “new” user with Rapidweaver but already created two websites with it and I am so satisfied with it.

The first website is my own. I am working as a composer/sounddesigner and this website is my online vcard.

The second website I created is for my wife. She’s blogging about drapery and drapery stores. I integrated a wordpress blog into her website with the wpblog plugin from Nilrog’s place http://nilrogsplace.se/plugins/wpblog/

Now I already found out how to integrate it and it works. You can see the result here: http://www.stoffreise.de/wordpress/

What I can’t really figure out is, how I can setup this blog to work with the integrated wordpress widgets. When I choose “enable support for sidebar widgets” in the inspector tab for “appearance” and “blog” in rapidweaver all the chosen widgets from wordpress are shown. But they are messed up because they don’t seem to be aligned in the right way.

So are there any suggestions which and where I have to put the custom CSS in?

Thank you for all your efforts in advance!



I am having the same problem. I checked your site and you seem to have figured out how to solve the problem. Could you please share your resolution?

Hi Denise,
Did you figure it out? I’m following the directions as best I can and coming up with a blank page that only shows my theme. I’m determined to get it right but frustrated!