RapidWeaver 7.2 Beta 2 (18430b)

Hey Guys,

As well as shipping Squash 2.0 today, we’ve also shipped a new RapidWeaver 7.2 beta. Check for updates or download it directly below.

What’s New?

  • [New in 18430b] Pressing Done in the Advanced Settings sheet no longer causes a crash
  • [New in 18430b] Potential fix for reported issues when saving and closing a document too quickly
  • [New in 18430b] Plenty of other under-the-hood refinements and fixes I’m not going to bore you with today.
  • Improved preview speed, preview status now displays at the bottom of the sidebar
  • Removed Autosave support as it’s causing more problems than it should be. Boo!
  • Fixed a super bad bug that caused data loss within the blog plugin
  • Fixed an index “out of bounds” error that would sometimes appear on export
  • Fixed an issue that would keep prompting user about beta updates
  • Other under the hood improvements and memory management changes

This is a beta release of RapidWeaver, do not install this unless you are comfortable with using pre-release software. Please backup all of your project before using.

RapidWeaver 7.2 Beta 2 (18430b): https://dl.devmate.com/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver/beta/RapidWeaver.zip

You can expect a new beta sometime next week, in the meantime any feedback you have is appreciated.


@dan Hi Dan, some users here reported missing sidebar content when using styled text in the sidebar. Any info on this wether it’s been reproducible for you and has been fixed?

Yup, sorry that should be fixed too!

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@dan Thank you for keeping up the work on 7… I’ll give this one a try…

This one crashes every single time I try and publish. The file seems to be alright and I can upload with Transmit, but I simply haven’t the faintest idea what is causing it to crash.

When I have anything tangible to report, then I will report it.

Thanks for the update. Everything seems to be working well, no problems publishing.

I ended up rewinding everything to Wednesday night and everything is working fine again now. So, I need to go step by step to find out what was the issue with the upgrade for me.

Did you try adding a new publishing destination and re-entering your details?

Crashed for me too, but then I clicked “Save” before exporting — worked wonders!

Some crashing here too on exporting … and publishing

No crashes for me but the theme browser scrolls to the top

I haven’t got completely to the bottom of my issues yet, but I had a single styled page and a Rapidsearch page and RW7 seemed to be failing each time it got to them. I removed both pages and everything worked. Now I am playing catchup, with a whole load of work to do. When I have got everything sorted, then I will add the Rapidsearch Pro stack page back in and see what happens. Something changed between the two betas that one, or other of the pages didn’t like.

I am now back to square one again.

I thought the latest beta had solved my constant crashing, but I made the mistake of duplicating one page (which when altered, meant that the menu system throughout the site was altered) Went to publish and now it exports the site, but fails at the ftp stage with “access denied”

Yes, I have backed everything up, but I have aged 10 years in the last month . . . . . .

Yes, I did and thanks for the suggestion, but things have moved on now. It no longer crashes immediately, but fails at the ftp stage with an “access denied” message.

So, it looks once again, as if the site is being exported, but failing at the ftp stage, sometimes after 50 to 60 files have been uploaded out of 5,300.