RapidWeaver 7.2 (18406b) BETA RELEASE

This is a beta release of RapidWeaver, do not install this unless you are comfortable with using pre-release software. Please backup all of your project before using.

  • Improved preview speed, preview status now displays at the bottom of the sidebar
  • Removed Autosave support as it’s causing more problems than it should be. Boo!
  • Fixed a super bad bug that caused data loss within the blog plugin
  • Fixed an index “out of bounds” error that would sometimes appear on export
  • Fixed an issue that would keep prompting user about beta updates
  • Other under the hood improvements and memory management changes.

Download Link:

Please let us know what you think.


Thanks Dan. Are the projects opened with this beta backwards compatible should the need arise? (Yes, I have copies, just curious.)

Yup, it’s backwards compatible with the previous v7.1.x releases :slight_smile:


I don’t dish out compliments like that very often. But seriously, if you’re not running this version I feel bad for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • substantially faster preview
  • fixes many many of the bugs i knew about
  • there are other changes too. some really important (but too technical to bother mentioning).

nice work dev dudes!!!


Thanks therefore!

  • No more crashes between saving and quitting. With this, no more image data loss.
  • Faster preview, and no more preview pop up windows what happens during preview generation.


Thanks guys,
I was about to visit Brighton earlier today and kick you up the bottom ( had to change this in the tone of a 1950’s comedy ) after hours of trying to update a site to v7.1.7 from V6.4 .
Seems like this update has sorted out the majority of problems on my end so far, still having preview problems.
Don’t relax just yet, I haven’t published yet !! :wink:

Hi Guy!
I agree this version of RW is quite good but I’am working on asite since few month and now each time I go to in the «Settings», «General», «Advanced…», do nothing else and click «Done» then «BOOM» I saw the window, that we don’t want to see «Something went wrong…

Is it just on my side or…

Thank you everyone at Realmac, your doing an amazing job byr the way!!!

I can confirm this issue that @Fitz has reported here. Just tried and it quit. I actually go no “Something went wrong” screen, but I can confirm it.

Although, just tried it again, and the Something went wrong window came up the second time

Good news! Could you elaborate on “Fixed a super bad bug that caused data loss within the blog plugin”, I’ve been suffering a lot with the blog lately, and apparently I’m not alone…


Same here on the Setting, General, Advanced “Something went wrong…” error…

And here :frowning: - repeatable.

Same here :confused:

This version feels much nicer to use - due undoubtedly to the sharper previews - well done guys !!!

I still have a graphical bug in my blog sub-pages when using Themeflood

Have discussed with developer who states “It’s a bug in RW7. RW is not parsing %pathto% macros correctly on blog entry pages and giving resources / assets a wrong relative path.”

I need to know if others are seeing the same issue and if it is going to be addressed or not - if not I need to look at a different theme I guess



Here the same (I’m on Sierra). :-/ Also the issue that keeps prompting the user about beta updates still exists (at least for me)…

Because of the crashing, I first turned on Autosave. BIG mistake. It crashed more. Then I got in the habit of saving every time I changed anything. RW started crashing on Save. RW crashes corrupted images, corrupted project files, corrupted installed stacks, and a few crashes corrupted the structure of my hard drive. I’m hoping and praying that the RW folks get it right this time!

Any plans to fix the “This document has been saved by another application” bug?


Thanks for the report on the advanced sheet bug @Fitz, we’ll have this fixed in the next beta!

@Adiantum if you could give us some reproducible steps (or a project that shows the bug(s) in action), we’ll hopefully be able to fix it!

You can email support here: https://kb.realmacsoftware.com/conversation/new

RE: Post #13
More specifically, it is the relative path to the fallback banner image that is buggy. RW7 is not including an extra …/ in the relative path on the individual blog pages - so it breaks the image path.

@jbob The same issue is occurring in every theme, not just mine. So changing themes isn’t going to fix the problem for you. The difference is that some themes apply RW banners as CSS backgrounds, whereas others use image tags. It’s only in themes using image tags that the missing image is most noticeable. But the fallback image will still be missing in themes that apply RW banners as CSS backgrounds, if you check the browser console. Either way, broken paths and missing images is no good to anyone!

@dan The bug remains really easy to replicate. Here are the replicable steps again:

(1) Create a new project file in RapidWeaver. Apply the Realmac Offroad theme.
(2) Add a new blog page. Create a blog entry that has both body and summary text
(3) In the sidebar, add the following:

Path to:
<img src="%pathto(assets/images/fallback.jpeg)%">

Banner path:
<img src="%banner_path%">

(4) Export the website and open it in your web browser.

Now note that both images are present on the main blog page, in the righthand side sidebar:

But when you click onto your individual blog entry page, one of the fallback image vanishes and is replaced with the ‘broken image’ icon.

The expected behaviour is quite simply that both fallback banner images should still be visible on the individual blog entry page. However the path for the %banner_path% macro is wrong, and therefore the image is broken.

Here is a project file and exported website that illustrates the bug:

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7.2 is kick-ass performance wise!

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Using this release my theme drawer is behaving strangely.

When I open the theme drawer no matter what I do it auto scrolls - in a rather odd, jerky manner, down to the last theme. Doesn’t like being scrolled to the top … always scrolls to the bottom.

Using Sierra 10.12.1
Let me know if any other details needed. Does it every time.