RapidWeaver 7.5.5...Fans running and Macs on fire!

Both My mid-2014 MacBook-Pro & 27" iMac are using VERY high CPU when RapidWeaver is launched… The laptop gets very hot and the fans are running full throttle!!! *This is at launch without a project file open… In activity monitor these processes (that seem to be the culprits) start running at launch:
• VTDecoderXPCService (88117)
• com.apple.photos.VideoConversionService (88114)
• com.apple.photos.ImageConversionService (88047)

I assume these are the Media Library capability in RapidWeaver that are running wild…?

Any suggestions?

Don’t know, i haven’t experienced anything like that. Since this is your second post and no one has any suggestions you might want to contact support.

i would

  • make sure i had good backups (always a good idea – but when things are going wrong it is especially important)
  • remove any unused/old/out-of-date add-on – especially plugins
  • look at the file itself. is it very large? if so, why? did something in particular make it large? you can use TimeMachine to look back a few weeks and see if there are any sudden changes in size/behavior

if none of that triggers much insight, then I’d recommend answering the following:

  • Does RW behave OK if you remove all addons?
  • Does RW behave OK if before you open any files?
  • Does RW behave OK when you open some files?

If you can find a point when RW behaves OK, then you can work back by adding addons, files, etc until it breaks. When it breaks, you’ve found your culprit.

If you find it’s a particular plugin, try updating the plugin. If you find it’s a particular file – see if you can narrow down the problem to a specific page.

At some point when you’ve narrowed the problem enough something will stand out: an plugin, a corrupted image, a gargantuan PDF accidentally imported, etc.

If you cannot find anything to make RW behave OK – then something is really wrong, probably outside of RW. It’s time to look into the basics: reinstall RW, reboot your system, maybe even reinstall your system, etc.

And if you have trouble doing any of those things, send an email to the support folks and let them know, they’ll give you a hand at hunting down the bad thing.


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I don’t think they have anything to do with RW. A bit of Internet research tells me they have something to do with converting and uploading photos via Photo App to iCloud.

Nevertheless, I also have this symptom from time to time, but not very often. @isaiah‘s advice is best to follow here.


I’ll defer to @instacks’s expertise here. I’m a bit ignorant when it comes to iCloud. They lost a lot of my data a few years ago, so I’ve stopped using Apple services for photos.

Yes, you are correct. I knew these processes were related to apple photos (face recognition etc.) and all that is working perfectly across all our devices (4 Macs, 2 iPads and 2 iPhones). At times these processes will “fire” up when we add lots of photos for a while but then things settle down…

My issue is that as soon as I launch RapidWeaver, the same processes start up and the fans and heat launch too. This is WITH or WITHOUT a project opened. Just the app being launched is all it takes. On both my MBP and iMac. Here’s the thing. Best I remember, this started as soon as I used the built in media library in RapidWeaver. I think it is related to my heat & fan issues… Maybe. I will continue to explore…

Well, my MacBook Pro fans started running full speed and things started getting really hot again… VTDecoderXPCService is the process/culprit once again. This time I trashed RapidWeaver And re-downloaded it from the Mac App Store. Everything is quiet and cool now… I just thought I would post in case somebody else is having this issue.

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