!HELP! RW8 heating my Mac

Every time I launch RW8 (8.5.1) the fan of my MacBook Pro start to spin very high and the mac goes to very high heat:

Activity monitor shows: “VTDecoderXPCService” process that use 400% of CPU.

If I quit RapidWeaver 8, VTDecoderXPCService disappear and everything goes normal.

macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra
Any suggestions?
Thank You


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I think it’s unlikely to be RW which is causing this. Does any of these links help?

Hello Mark, before posting i googled and found that you suggested me.
I understood that is a graphic related issue.
I found an application just updated that maybe give that issue.
If that app is open… launching RW8 i have the heating problem.
If that app is closed, I can use RW8 w/o problems.
The app itself don’t cause the problem until i launch RW8.
Now seems to be gone keeping that app closed, until the next update.

Smart… great job. You should let both app companies know through support. You may be able to help others by naming that other app.

Thank you.

The App is Active Dock but i’m not sure if is this app the problem.
Now the app is open and opening RW8 nothing strange happen.
Very strange behavior.
Maybe, after the i opened RW7, Photo (apple app), something is changed in the system.
Who knows…
Anyway I’ll keep you informed if this will happen again

Although I can’t speak from experience of this particular software - so wouldn’t want to offend its vendors, as a Mac user since the early 1990s, I’ve rarely found a single application that changes the basic operation of the Finder or OS itself which doesn’t sooner or later cause trouble.

That App, Worked well until the latest update. Some settings won’t work now. I can’t say that was the problem.
Anyway all is ok now.
If I will have future related problems, I will write here.

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