Rapidweaver 7. jpgs not showing in preview

Just bought rapidweaver 7 upgrade. Im using Block HTML to point to my photos on server here is a typical link

Problem is I cant see them in preview although when publish they are showing. Same link worked perfect in RW6 preview. Cab anyone help?

Do you hot link protection enabled on your server? If you disable it I bet you will see the preview images. I reported this to Realmac some time ago. As you noted it doesn’t cause problems with RW6.

Hi ashleykaryl
Many thanks for your input. Ive tried the hot-link but no change-should I give it any length of time before it kicks on or should it work straight away when I set it to disable?

It might be worth restarting RW after disabling hot link protection because you might not be seeing the images yet due to a cache issue.

I am not familiar with Block HTML but it might be having a similar affect to hot linking in this case. I gather the preview setup has been changed in RW7 and creates a sort of local server, so in that sense it’s not a million miles from using MAMP but as we’ve seen it is running into problems. The previews are supposed to be faster in RW7 but that is not my experience at all and I frequently have to wait several seconds before a preview even starts to appear.

Tried re-loading but still no joy. Also on my hotlink protection I can select certain items that wont be included like jpgs ect. Ive been using the blocks plug-in for years-in fact I don’t think RW can truly function with out it-for me anyway! Ive since had message back from the blocks people who seem to think its a RW 7 issue so Im now waiting for a response from RW.

Good luck. I think Realmac have a few issues here that need to be resolved.

Hi! good news whilst away from the computer and leaving the hot link disabled the jpgs are now showing! meanwhile what do re disabled hot link…

I told Realmac about this weeks ago during the beta period and not heard any update on a possible fix. As things stand it’s effectively impossible to design sites with RW7 with hot link protection enabled. What you can do though is re-enable it once the site is uploaded and it only seems to affect warehoused images from what I can tell.

Thanks for the advice-will do. It does annoy me I hope they will get theses problems sorted sooner than later-it was bad enough in the early days of RW6

I think we are in agreement on this point.