RW8 Preview mode initially missing images

When I first opened my site in RW8, I noticed that many of the images were showing up missing when I previewed an HTML page. If I open my current live site in Safari and view the page, the images load into the web browser cache, then when I go back to RW8, I can see the missing images in the Preview screen.

I warehouse my images on my site and link to them using the full URL for the image.
I am also blocking hot linking of images on my site.

So is RW8 Preview mode getting the hot link image block from my site and unable to preview images unless they are currently in my web browser cache?

Looks much improved on all fronts from my testing. Thanks @dan

I saw that thread earlier, but it talked about using stacks, which I don’t use, and about dropping images into the page, where the problem I have is with images I am directly linking to not showing in Preview mode.

I do drop images onto the blog pages, and I checked one or two of the blog posts and they seem to show up fine in Preview mode so far.

I hope that the display issue that they are working on also fixes the problem I am having. Because of this and the “Show in Navigation” bug, I have to hold off on working in RW8 until they get fixed.

Please try the new build of RapidWeaver 8.0.2 and let us know if this fixes your issue:

Fingers crossed!

I installed the update to RW 8.0.2 and built a new project file from the RW7 version.

I still have the same issue as before, where in Preview mode some of the images appear to be broken, even though the HTML page links directly to the images URL in the code. I have to view the live page in Safari to load the images into cache, and then when I go back to RW8 the Preview screen will show the images. This is fine for published pages but my concern is when I am developing new pages and want to Preview them before publishing.

I’m not sure if it is the block on hot linking images that is set on my site or that the page Preview takes too long to load and does not pull in the images?

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