RapidWeaver 8.1, Mojave, and Dark Mode!

We’re still working hard on RapidWeaver 8.1, but I’m pleased to say the beta is shaping up nicely.

If you’d like to take it for a spin to start using the new features along with Dark Mode, here’s a link to Beta 4: RapidWeaver 8.1 Public Beta 4

We’ll be publishing another beta later this week and finally, here’s how it’s looking in Dark Mode on Mojave… pretty cool, right?


Is dark mode just the same interface but with darker colours? Seems a lot of effort just for a cosmetic change?

This is something that Apple added in Mojave. If you do not make the change, then your app looks horrible in Dark Mode. Developers have to do this if they want people to use their apps with Mojave and dark mode.

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If you work a lot in darkened rooms or at night, dark mode is a real blessing… It is quite an anticipated upgrade to the OS.

Hopefully, the ‘dark mode’ will be optional?

Dark mode is something you choose as an option in Mojave if you install it.

You can always switch from Dark to Light as well

RapidWeaver in Light Mode

RapidWeaver in Dark Mode


I should have been clearer. My comment was aimed at Apple implementing it, not developers.

Apple’s new macOS 10.14 codename Mojave has a nice dark theme, but to change it you need to go click through multiple screens to change the theme.

To switch fast and simple I created a Menu Bar App for this. It does exactly what you see below with a mouse click.

Download the menu bar app via the button in the article.

source code:


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