Rapidweaver 7 • Edit screen issue!

I haven’t fired up Rapidweaver 7 for a long time. Had a little look at my files / website today and the edit screen looked like this:

Any idea what’s going on here?



Mmmm… My Server screen isn’t really useable either…

And it keeps asking for this when I open Rapidweaver 7:


I did upgrade to the latest version today too,


Hope someone has a fix for this :thinking:



I think at least part of the problem you’re experiencing is due to you using dark mode with RW7.

If I remember dark mode support was part of RW8. RapidWeaver 8 was released August of 2018 prior to macOS Mojave (10.14) that introduces “Dark Mode”,

Try switching back to light mode, if you want to use dark mode then consider upgrading to RW8.

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Hi Doug,

Thanks for that. I had my Mac setup in ‘Dark Mode’ and I’d forgotten it was, hardly notice it really. All ok in Light Mode :+1:t2:.

May be an excuse to upgrade to Rapid Weaver 8 :sunglasses:

Though, creating a new project in RW7 with the Mac in Dark mode seemed to be fine:


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I don’t like or use dark mode myself. It reminds me too much of the old monochrome days 40+ years ago.

There’s a couple ways to make it easier to switch your Mac from dark to light mode and back. I don’t use dark mode so I haven’t tried them.

  1. There’s a donation ware app that puts an icon on the menu bar called NightOwl.

  2. If you’re a DYI type you can use Automator to setup a shortcut and place it on your dock.

I haven’t tried either method but you might give them a try.

Ha, yes, same here. I think I’ll just leave it in light mode. Hardly ever use the big Mac these days. Mostly get by with iPad Pro and iPhone!! Under ‘Lockdown’ passing some of the time archiving and backing up data from one place to another…

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