RapidWeaver dark mode question

Is dark mode in Rapidweaver 8 and all or nothing proposition? In other words, can you set Rapidweaver to run in dark mode even though Mojave is running in light mode or do you have to set Mojave to dark mode to get dark mode in Rapidweaver? I know a lot of apps out there have implemented dark mode functionality within the program, which is a preferable approach to me since I prefer to run in light mode most of the time and not do a global change in the general Mojave settings. I’ve looked for dark mode settings in Rapidweaver and cannot seem to find anything but, as always, it is possible I did not look in the right place.

Yes you can. Look at this video (5 More News Stuff: Little Features) http://yourhead.com/stacks#videos.


yes - that works for stacks and I really like how it is implemented - Isaiah did a fantastic job with that, but, as near as I can tell, if you do not turn on dark mode for everything in Mojave, that Rapidweaver itself will not be in dark mode. As an example, even if you turn all the dark mode options on in Stacks 4, the pages list and the inspector pane (for everything other than stacks) will still be in light mode unless the global dark mode setting is set in Mojave preferences. At least, that is the way it appears to me. Thanks!

I see what you mean Thomas, it needs dark mode for everything in Mojave.
Sorry for my misconception.


OK, just checking to make sure I was not missing anything. Thanks for clarifying!

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