Rapidweaver 8.2 and MS Edge

(Jim Cook) #1

Is anyone experiencing problems with Rapidweaver sites and the MS Edge browser? I have one site that utilizes the Glide theme and Rapidweaver 8.2. Users using Edge are having a difficult time with a login area. Thanks in advance.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

A link to your site might help us determine what the issue is. Also, there is no current version (release or beta) of RapidWeaver 8.2, the latest Release version is 8.0.3 and the latest Beta version is 8.1 RC 2 (I believe).

(Jim Cook) #3

The site is here:

Also, I have version 8.2, which was released in Beta a few days ago.

(Jim Cook) #4

I stand corrected. I have Version 8.1 (20479b)

(system) #5

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