Rapidweaver 8 Doesn't Store Passwords

Hello, Is there a reason why the new Rapidweaver won’t store the passwords in the Publishing Settings?

Traci Slatton

RapidWeaver uses Keychain on MacOS to store login credentials including password. More than likely the issue you’re having is a problem in keychain. There’s several posts on this forum about keychain.

High Sierra really locked up this process.

Might have a look at this:


I was able to solve my rapidweaver prioblems by just going into my bookmarks and re-entering all the passwords. After that it remembered them again.
I havent had the time/energy to troubleshoot the larger keychain issue so I still get keychain prompts occasionally but my RW issues are gone now


Hi Mr. Bostick, Does that mean you went to Safari webpages and re-entered your passwords?

Mr. Bennett, I will probably have to use that process but it looks like a pain in the patootie.

Oh no, I just meant the bookmarks in Rapidweaver.

By the way, this was in RW7 where this was a fix, so not totally sure if it’s the same issue…

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