RW not saving my ftp password

This just started happening and I’m wondering why or if anyone else is having this problem.

I update a site in RW and go to publish and it says "publishing 0 files out of 0 files. I hit “cancel Publishing” and it freezes and I have to force quite RW. Then reopen the website and before doing anything, I have to go to Publishing settings and put in my password. I never had to do this before and can’t figure out why I have to do it now. It’s quite a pain. I seem to remember there being a choice in the past to “save publishing settings” but I can’t find that now.

I’m using RW 7.5.5.

Just tried to publish after force quit and now I can’t even connect to the server. BAHH!


Something similar happened to me after an update (I don’t recall if it was an Mac OS update or a RW update) but I had to go into my bookmarks and re-input all my saved passwords (and then I’d also get a prompt from ‘Keychain’ asking if it was ok to remember it). After doing that, it’s been fine though.


Thanks @jabostick. But when you say bookmarks, it seems to me that you are talking about the passwords that you added to your keychain when you logged into a website. I don’t remember ever adding my ftp password that I put on the publishing settings in RW to my keychain. Guess I’ll take a look at my keychain and see what’s in there. I’m using OS 10.13.2 and don’t remember when I did the last update.


No, I’m referring to the RW Publishing (there’s a spot in your Publishing Settings where you can add that setup as a bookmark). But after I went and re-entered everything, the Keychain app prompted me and asked if this was a trustworthy app which made me think it was Mac OS related but it could have been something else I did (perhaps inadvertently).

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After recently ‘upgrading’ to High Sierra I had problems with keychain passwords including, rather ironically iCloud.
For RW7 I had to reintroduce passwords and make new bookmarks.
For Transmit it now doesn’t save any passwords and much of it’s functionality now doesn’t work. Apparently, and disappointingly, updrading (at full cost) to the latest version of Transmit restores this functionality.

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RE Keychain - If you suddenly have Keychain problems you can go back an restore Keychain files from Time Machine. (refer to google search)

@jabostick and @ricinport You “hit the nail on the head”. Yes it was because I needed to reintroduce passwords and make new bookmarks. I hope I have it fixed now. Thank you for your suggestions.

And I’ve also recently had problems with iCloud passwords after updating to High Sierra AND changing my Apple ID email. But that’s another story. @1611mac, I don’t use Time Machine but do have backups.


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