Server password in publishing settings will not save

I’m using MacOS 10.13.1 Suddenly my publishing log in password will not save in the preferences. I have to re-enter it every time I start up RapidWeaver. If I forget to re-enter it upon startup RapidWeaver freezes when it tries to publish. I can’t cancel or close the program. I have to force quit from the Finder. Any suggestions?


I’ve experienced the same issue. I do no think it’s a RW problem. I think it’s an Apple Keychain bug. Fetch (ftp app) has been balking about my password and access to the keychain since I updated to 10.3.1. Once that happens, then other apps are prone to fail to find their passwords stored in Keychain. I’m only assuming this, but I could not get RW to publish last night, I had to force quit numerous times. This morning I restarted my Mac and RW publishing works fine again.

Thanks for the feedback Bruce. I guess we need to contact Apple Support and maybe they can make a fix for their next update.


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