Rapidweaver 8 How can I send a link for the client to review the site?

I just finished a website for someone in rapidweaver 8. How can I send him the link so he can review?

Once you’ve uploaded it to your server, you can simply use the site’s (‘regular’) URL.

Hello Mark, thanks for your answer. One more question to ask. He is going to use his own hosting service that I don’t have the information. His intention is to review the site first and then pick any hosting service. So when you say upload to the server and use URL, how can I do this? I’m new with this company. I know wix, word press and GoDaddy are very easy to creat a link for your client.

You’re going to need a host company of some sort, if you want someone to view outside of the built in preview on your Mac. It doesn’t necessarily need to be the “final” location where the site will end up.
Might checkout this video:

You can export the site to a folder, zip this folder and sent it to him. He can then open the index.html and work with th website…

That won’t work if there’s any PHP on any page on the site.

All the examples given Require or are hosting services, RapidWeaver is no different. Website of any kind requires a web server.

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Thank you very much For making.

I will definitely try this way tonight.

I believe the best way so the site can be tested in various browsers AND DEVICES by the client if he/she wishes is to establish you site on your server as if it’s complete and password protect it until client wants to go live. Then drop the password protection. The password protection is to help keep search engines from indexing pages before they are “approved” by client. Pages can be marked “no index” but SE’s don’t have to honor that request.

This is just one option.

thanks teefers. the video is helpful

thanks greg. i am working on it now.

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