Exporting website files manually to the server

Ok lets see if I can get this answered:

  • Is there a way to export the files that builds the site to my Computer and then Manually add them
    in my online server?

I notice there is a “Export Files” menu within Rapidweaver, But is it Possible to do it in that sense?

Thanks guys

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For many of us, exporting locally and then transferring files manually to a server is the preferred method of publishing (avoiding all headaches associated with RW’s automatic publishing).

You will need a separate FTP application (like Transmit, Fetch, Yummy, etc.) to connect with your server and transfer files. Same app can be also used to delete and/or edit files on server.

Ohh ok… so what if I am designing a website for a customer. Can I use one of those ftp to save the website and send them a sample to look at?

You really shouldn’t “send” the files Published to a local folder to “preview”. Webpages are designed to be severed by a web server. Although many plain html pages can be viewed by a client locally things like PHP files and some links won’t work and will make the site appear broken. You’ll probably make a bad impression with the client.
It’s always best practice to have a user acceptance URL on a test domain or sub domain for the client to see and approve the site.


Thank you for the advice… I will research more on a “User Acceptance URL”…
thanks again

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