I need Help, Can i get some advice please

Hi Guys.

I am not a techy Guy, but mostly a Graphic Artist. I have done a website for a possible client, However i would like for them to see the website, without posting online. Just for them to see the structure and all so I can sell it to them. Is there some way to do this, And if so, can you offer a step by step information on how to do this.

This will be mostly appreciated.

Thank you!

If you want to show them “without posting online” export locally to your machine and sit with the client and show them.

In Rapidweaver go to : File > Export Site > choose a folder to export to

Once you’ve done that open the index.html file in the folder you exported the site to in your browser.




Thank you!

Some pages and some links may not work doing it that way. Any page that uses PHP will not work without a web server serving the page.

Honestly you’ll look much more professional if you setup a testing or sales area on a hosting site.

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I agree with @teefers. Preferably you should password-protect you demo pages (there are various ways of doing this). Alternatively, you could run a web server on your computer (using MAMP or the Mac’s built-in server) and show them that. This would fix the PHP problem but you might still have a problem with links.

Ok, I was thinking of calling My Webhost Godaddy and have them walk me thru it… Thanks though guys… Big thanks for your help