How to link a form submit to download

Looking for some help!

I want to make a PDF form available for download after a visitor has provided their name and email address.

I need this to be automated so ideally once submit has been pressed the visitor is then taken to the download page and I get an email with the contact details.

Anyone know how to do this?

There are several ways to do this the simple way is to use a form that redirects to a “Thank You” page upon submission. The pdf download would live on that “Thank You Page”

That sounds like it would do the trick!

How exactly do I do that. Using Foundry and those forms don’t offer that functionality.

I think you are right. So you need to get another form stack. I’d look around at what’s available. I believe there’s a small number that will do this: i.e. redirect to a success or thank you page (or similar).

I use MachForm which definitely does this. It’s $49, but it also provides a lot of extra power you may not need. I think there are some simpler form options offered as stacks that do the same, but not 100% sure.

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Forms Plus and FormLoom 4 both offer redirect on successful submission of a form. FormLoom isn’t itself a stack but comes with a stack which will place your form on any stacks page. They’re both very good.


Or most form stacks perform a receipt option where you could attach a file…all in one operation.

I have formLoom and FormSnap, the latter is a Stacks process of creating forms, and Form Looms has all the bells and whistles for creating forms. It also contains a stack so the form can be utilized on a Stacks page.

Forms Plus is really slick. It allows you to break up a long form into sections.
I found it really intuitive and well designed.

So many good choices for forms, All will do what you want.


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FormLoom 4 also allows you to break the form into steps, like Forms Plus.

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Here is a sample…let me know if you need help.
This is my sample area…not xx info!! hehhehe
This is using FormSnap

Ah yes, you are most correct. Sorry for the incomplete thought.

I was thinking of a Stacks interface rather than plug-in.

Stacks was really a game changer for me and how I designed a Web site.

Nailed it gentleman! Thank you so much!

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