Is this possible, if so what stacks do I need?

Hi everyone,

I need some help to see if this is possible to do with Rapidweaver 7 & Stacks 3. I was thinking of creating a website that would track data. I would like to have some input fields on the site where the data would be saved that to a spreadsheet or database. Here is an example:

I would like to track the daily temperature. The site would have an input field where each day I could login or users could login and enter the temperature. Once the temperature is submitted it would be saved to a spreadsheet or database that would record the temp. I would like the information to be visible on or offline.

Any help would be appreciated.


Off the top of my head, Page safe would allow you lock pages with a login needed to access and FormSnap is a set of form stacks that has the option of saving the data to a MySQL database.

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I would use a form to trigger a IFTTT Applet that post to a Google Sheet.

@Judge, what are the parameters for checking the temperature? For example, will it be checked once a day or multiple times a day? Will it be checked at the same time each day or various time?

It would be recorded once a day around the same time.

Okay cool, and what exactly are you measuring the temperature of? There may be a way of logging the temperature for the time and location that toy are looking for, but have it automated rather than manually I inputted.

I’m looking to for the site to record daily information of two poultry barns. Temperature, humidity, mortality, water, etc. The controller in the barns already monitors this information, I would like to transfer the data from the controller to a spreadsheet/google sheet so I can store and analyze it.

What controller are you using?

Rotem AC2000 and a Varifan Wave 40 controller

@BrandonCorlett have you used IFTTT with Siphon or Superforms? I’m having issues with getting it to work with either stack.