RapidWeaver Central Relaunch

Finally, after much delay, RapidWeaver Central will open its doors again this weekend.

I’m sorry for the downtime — it was only scheduled to last a week but unfortunately I had a ‘family crisis’ which has seriously taken its toll on my time. Hopefully this will gradually resolve itself and I can get RWC back up to speed and release a bunch of new stacks in the very near future.

In the meantime, though, a word of warning.

While I was away I had no choice but to leave the redesign of the site in the hands of Angus MacPheep. Bad decision, I know, but it was one born of desperation — and ever the optimist, I’d hoped that with the help of his therapist he’d overcome his recent psychotic episodes, especially as there were encouraging signs his new raft of medications were actively suppressing the triggers behind his most reckless urges.

Yeah, right. Dream on.

Remember the old site, that was nice and clean and minimal and functional and free of all the design distractions that get in the way of usability?

It’s gone.

And I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

You can see for yourselves this weekend.



Who should not to be confused with another schizophrenic weaver, the late Angus McPhee

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