RapidWeaver needs a place to 'hang out'

Everybody has ‘hangout spots’… in the old RapidWeaver days you could chat about Mac on the RapidWeaver forum – in the Mac spot. We’re all Macs, right!

Hints, good ideas, a cup of online coffee. Input (!)

It makes some kind of sense to remove it from the forum – to keep people focused on RapidWeaver and what it’s all about… I still miss the old hangout forums. Not just questions and answers. Chat.

I need a reason to hang out… yes, I sell Stacks, but it’s not really that importan. Users are pushed to different developers sites… to hang out. I’m not as present here at the forum, as I used to be. I’d love to be… but give me an excuse’.


There’s a forum for this over at Weaver’s Space. And if it doesn’t suit you I would have thought you could create your own?

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@robbeattie is correct, we have a hangout every Friday. There is some RW talk, but most of the time, we just talk about life and stuff. Come join this Friday!!!