RapidWeaver Central — New Year, New Things

New Year, New Things

This year we’ve got a lot of cool RapidWeaver stuff lined up, including my long-awaited book, a new version of Bigfoot (codename: Armageddon) plus a healthy array of singular WeaverThings, as well as a new RapidWeaver Central section dedicated to themes.

But to start the year off with a nice Big Bang for your Buck-Suffering Bank Account we’ve now opened a brand new Freebies section, replete with all your favourite absurdities, along with a host of recently-retired premium stacks. You can now download all of these stacks completely free of charge, with no sign up required.

This also means that our newly refined EveryThing Bundle, which includes all our premium stacks, is now available at an even greater discount than ever before in the history of hyperbole.

On the Rapidweaver Central News and Reviews front, as always, you can rely on our two Robs — Beattie and Hall — to deliver their unique brand of professional reviews and timely news you won’t find anywhere else. Angus MacPheep, of course, will no doubt continue to f***-up whenever he’s given the opportunity.

As such, RapidWeaver Central abides, and wishes you all the best for 2017 and beyond!




I tried contacting you via


but it wasn’t sending.

The man has a way with words. I’m wondering if you (or Angus MacPheep, perhaps) could quote me the cost to draft up my obituary.