RapidWeaver Classic Fails To Update

First time through attempting to update my blog with the new RapidWeaver Classic app. Of course it needed to update every entry, so 2625 entries queued up to be updated. The update fell asleep after the first hour. Reawakened, it updated through 2621 entries before stalling. I’m updating with the fastest setting, so six simultaneous threads. The updater stalled with the first thread idle, the second through fifth threads “Starting Operation,” and the sixth, also idle. No activity after fifteen minutes, so I’m guessing the updater’s failed but can’t recognize it. I will attempt to update using RW8 to reassure myself that this update’s possible. Advice on enabling RW Classic?

RW8 worked like a champ. Updated 18 threads in seconds!

Sorry to hear you’re having issues.

The publishing engine is the same in RW8 as it is in RWC. I’d try re-publishing again in Classic :crossed_fingers:

Well, it might be the same engine, but it wants to republish every item, probably due to the new file type. I’ll try again when I find more courage and more time. I was expecting to experience a few wrinkles. and I’m not disappointed. I’ll be relying on RW8 until Classic comes through. I appreciate the new file type because it eliminated the possibility of cross contamination of my source. Thanks, david schmaltz

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