Rapidweaver Classroom

The Rapidweaver Classroom website has been revamped, there are new courses apparently being offered, but none of the categories are clickable.

Anyone have any idea when @ryanbsmith will get his new baby off the ground?

SWEET!!! I had no idea.

You beat me to the punch! :laughing:

Everything is a go and I’ve just posted an update sharing what’s new!




That’s great. But still wondering what the particulars are for any given topic.

There are no specific tutorial listings for the individual courses. The cards are still not clickable. And so I would have no idea of what precisely I would be signing up for.

@Butternut You’re absolutely right and I’ve been working to make the member site accessible to browse without displaying the content. You can click those cards now to browse the listing of specific tutorials.

Thank you for the constructive feedback!



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