RapidWeaver Community Subscription

(David W McQuarrie) #1

I’m trying to purchase a subscription. However, it’s giving me this error message when I submit my payment information “The given email address is not valid, please try a different address” Odd because this is the same email address I use for the Forum here.

Can someone help me with this one please.


(Brad Halstead) #2


I use the same email for both, but a different password as they are different entities.

If unsuccessful, please contact support@realmacsoftware.com

@dan, @ben

(David W McQuarrie) #3

Thanks very much for the input. I appreciate your help!


(ben) #4

Hi David,

If you’ve still not managed to signup for the RapidWeaver Community, drop me an email (ben at realmac software • com) and I’ll help you get up and running :slight_smile:

(David W McQuarrie) #5

Hello Ben - Thanks very much for the followup. I’m registered now, and all is well.

Cheers… David

(ben) #6


Just let us know if you need help with anything else :slight_smile: