Rapidweaver Developers - I have work for someone


I have tried posting on Freelancer for someone to help me build Rapidweaver sites. Nobody responded to build me a site using Rapidweaver. Basically I want to continue for my sites to be built in Rapidweaver but I no longer have the time to fulfil all customer needs on my own. As a result I am looking to expand by business and pay for someone or a company to build sites for me.

Is there anyone out there or anywhere else I can post jobs please?

Thank you.

I can certainly do this for you.

Have a look at http://www.computerhomefix.com/webdesigncardiff/ and http://www.computerhomefix.com/webdesignblog/?category=Web%20Site%20Design.

I find FreeLancer to be far from ideal and doesn’t seem to be focused enough.

Would be glad to help you out. Details on my site above. Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi there, @PhilGT2008,

I’d be happy to build sites for you.

I’ll DM you my details.


just out of curiosity did you get someone to build your sites for you ? I only ask a year later because I was searching for rapidweaver jobs ( being a RW developer myself ) and this was one of the only realistic results to come up . I have a few jobs on the boil, but in the back of my head I am thinking is there a place for a specialsed rapidweaver jobs site
james ryce pegasus-creativity.co.uk