Rapidweaver files doubled in number

Hi everyone
Just noticed that my Rapidweaver project has gone up from 1200 pages to 2700 when I do a republish of the site. Any ideas? Just wondering if a backup is sitting somewhere in the project? Thanks, Steve

That’s quite a jump!
Which theme are you using?

Thanks for the reply Richard. I’m using Ruby. The increase in files seemed to coincide with a update to one or two of the stacks. Also I have a blog which is at

I added a blog post yesterday and now the URL for the blog page from the main navigation is:

Just seems like a duplicate of the site os being created somewhere??

Thanks again

Sorry Richard those urls loaded here as page previews. The second one has offsite-2 written into the url

The site seems to be offline Steve
Maybe you’re working on it though.
Have you solved the folder structure issue? That may have been a missing / in the folder name.

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