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Hey Guys,

If you have a question about Rapideaver 7 post it here and we’ll answer it on this weeks show!
The RapidWaver show will be recorded on the 9th this week, so get 'em in quick!

Anything goes.

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Might be related to V7 or just V6… can you or Nik tell us what the difference is for the FTP protocol regarding Extended Passive -default, Passive & Active modes please.

Have issues with the Realmac Themes been resolved from v6 in v7 where some plugins & stacks didn’t work? And tutorial pages added?

Any new Themes coming with RW7? Do they have tutorial pages?

Launch Date? I am so excited to see the developments of the platform!

That’s all I have for this time round :wink:


In a similar vein to @Turtle 's Question this is applicable to RW6 but obviously to RW7 as well and it’s a question that crops up on the forum now and then. It might be worthy of discussion on the podcast.

What are your thoughts on the size and scope of projects that RW6/7 is capable of handling?
For me past problems with laggy performance have all but been eliminated with OS updates, and the Stacks 3 update addressed this further.
The only bottlenecks now are the initial project file loading time and publishing (which for me needs serious attention).
As I expand my project size (currently 365MB with no images) will I hit a ‘wall’ where suddenly the file becomes unstable or the jerkiness of the past returns?

I suppose to answer the question we need to know what your target market for RW7 is? Do you consider it suitable beyond 10 page hobbyist sites or light commercial work?

Are you prepared to recommend RW7 as a capable tool for large scale commercial projects containing hundreds of pages and of hundreds of MB in size?



How many pages do you have? Is the size you reference the exported/published size or the project file size?

One of my sites is 27 pages, 10 PDF files , 12 ZIP, 30 images files and a whack of resources and is only 11.2mb for the project file size…

Just asking for clarity so that the answer given on the Podcast can be accurate to expectations…


As a very long time user, I’m really looking forward to v7. One of the things we had to give up a while back was the ability to keep our projects in the cloud. As someone who uses three different Macs (iMacs at work and home, plus a MBPro), I’d love to hear that v7 projects could be stored in Dropbox or something similar. Any chance?



@dan Thanks for doing this. I don’t have a specific question right now, but I would really like to hear more about RW7. I normally don’t listen to the podcast: I’m only a web designer in about 5% of my working time and I don’t have the time for podcasts at the moment (too much work, too little time). But … a podcast dedicated to RW7 is definitely something I would take the time to listen to!

You are probably already planning on doing this, but I definitely would like to hear more than just about the new features of RW7 but also the thinking behind it: what sort of problems/opportunities do you see the new features addressing?

Looking forward to the next podcast!

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230 Pages. 365MB is the Project File.
Not a single image in the file - all images are references/warehoused. Similarly PDF’s.

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@ricinport would you be able to drop us an email with a copy of:

  1. A ZIP of your project file (perhaps uploaded to Dropbox)?
  2. Your Stacks folder (i.e. all your stacks) so we can test this?

We can run through Apple’s Instruments app to profile why this takes so long.


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Will the blog page finally be getting some love?

Paging control through posts, maybe even a stack import so the blog plungin will display on stacks pages would be two welcome improvements.

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Whilst its not recommended, I keep all my projects in the cloud (Dropbox) and have never had a problem. I am pretty sure @zeebe does as well and if its good enough for him!

Key things are:

Only have a project open on one machine at a time
Make sure Dropbox has finished fully syncing before you open it on another machine

I also always start a session on Rapidweaver by checking for updates to make sure my machines are in sync.


I think @dave was talking about addons, but I could be wrong.

Ah - good point! Indeed slightly trickier…

One question only: When will be the public Beta available?
Would appreciate if you could reply here. I don’t listen the podcast because i have trouble understanding (listening) english. Unfortunately i can’t find info about Rapidweaver 7 in any other place despite all the questions and recent discussion about it here in the forums…

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Maybe @zeebe While I wouldn’t mind keeping identical sets of stacks on my different Macs, what I’d really like is the ability to sit down at any of my computers, open up a project, and start working on it. As it stands now, I keep everything on my laptop (and use the 27" iMacs as a second monitor), which is fine for my projects. There are days, though, that I’d love to just sit down at one of my iMacs, fire it up, and go into Rapidweaver (without pulling my laptop out and connecting it to the iMac). It sounds like this is possible? I thought we lost the ability to do this with Rw6.

From the podcast discussions, it sounds like it will gradually roll out further. The first wave was a bonus opportunity for podcast listeners (while it may be unfair to some, I think this is one ways of boosting their podcast listenership, which seems reasonable to me).

At some point before it is released, it will open up further and, I assume, will be announced on the forum (which may be unfair to some but is a bonus for those active on the forum).

*Disclaimer - this is all my own interpretation from podcast info.

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Unless I’m missing something that is exactly what I do via Dropbox.


Being able to locate the Addons Folder in ‘Dropbox’ and share between machines is a great feature, if implemented in RW7. It would also be great to be able to share Publishing Bookmarks in a similar way, is this likely to be included?




@dave Nope, do it all the time. I keep so many projects in Dropbox. I know that Realmac tells people not to, but have not stopped that practice at all.

While my comment is not specific to the content of a podcast, much less to RW 7, I would like to suggest that you eliminate (or greatly reduce) all the funny music, laughs, grunts, phrases repeated many times and mutual reassurances between the hosts.

I know that some people love such embellishments, but, as much as I would like to listen to your podcasts, I do not have an hour to waste for something that should be condensed to 15 minutes.

Thanks for the candid feedback, but unfortunately (for you) the laughs and grunts are here to stay. The podcast is a chance for us to be a little more laid back, and we’re okay with the fact that’s it’s not for everyone.

If you’re looking to learn more about RapidWeaver and web design in a more direct manner I’d highly recommend the tutorial videos over on the Community Centre - http://rapidweavercommunity.com/rapidweaver/tutorials

Cheers for your ears!