RapidWeaver Inspiration Gallery Themes ? + Planar Theme Question

(Terri Higgins) #1

I was looking in the RAPIDWEAVER INSPIRATION GALLERY, is there a way to tell which theme the designers used to create those websites? I didn’t see any notation. The particular one I was wondering about was by Guy Woodland.

Another theme I’m looking at is called Planar by Weaver’s Kingdom. I didn’t find any reviews or questions/feedback about it, if by chance anyone has used it, how did you find it to work with in comparison to other themes you’ve used? I really like the look of this one.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #2

That’s a Foundation Theme based website.

(Terri Higgins) #3

That makes sense, thank you for the answer.

(Guy Woodland) #4

Hi, yes it is foundation and uses Joe Workmans Total CMS

(Terri Higgins) #5

Thank you for that information. Such beautiful work.

(system) #6

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