Wich theme did I use?

Hi. I am going to redo/update my website www.jensastrup.com - My old site was lost on an old harddrive. I can not remember wich theme I used.

Can any of you guys identify wich theme/plugin I used for my galleries back then?

The code on your page says the theme is called AES, afraid I don’t know who made that theme though

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That’s a theme I’ve never seen before.

If you’re looking for a modern, responsive theme that might give similar results, have a look at https://themeflood.com/xxl/

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I think it’s the Aspen theme from Nick Cates?

Unfortunately, Nick Cates has moved away from Rapidweaver design now, so I suspect that theme is no longer supported?

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Thank you guys for answering my post. I later worked out wich theme I was using if any one wants to know it was:

I was recomended themes from:

so I may end up with one of them.


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