Rapidweaver license only for 1 mac now?

I just looked at the Realmac store and it states that the single license or upgrade is only valid on 1 mac. On the Rapidweaver home page it still says that a standard license is valid on 2 macs. So which is it???

In my recent experience, it’s one - which is a right expensive PITA for those of us who work on two or more machines. And is there a licence deactivation thing so we can move it from an old machine to a new one? And if so, could somebody point it out to me, please? I thank you!

I asked realmac support about deactivating a license from an old computer and moving it to a new one and was told to go to Rapidweaver > Registration > Deactivate license but I never did find where this was (I’m still on 6.3.7 so maybe that’s in rw7…)

This is for RapidWeaver 7 users, but if you go to RapidWeaver 7 in the menu bar and down to Registration

When it brings up the registration box, there is a button to deactivate license there.

Unfortunately, I do not see an option in RapidWeaver 6

@Ironman i sent them an email 3 weeks ago and in their reply they confirmed that the license is valid for 2 macs


Thank you, that’s great.

I can confirm that it is working on an old and new laptop for me…never been a problem