Transfer licence key / save project

Hello Realmac community,
I plan to buy Rapidweaver. I’m used to work with Iweb.
I would like to know 3 things :

  1. If I have to change my Imac in 2 years, is it possible to use my licence key on the brand new IMAC I’m going to buy. If yes, how?
  2. Can I edit my website on the road via a my macbook pro (online version of rapid weaver). Or even install rapidweaver on 2 computers with a single key?
  3. Can I save my project on a USB key and open it later as a simple file.

Thank you all for your help


Hi Valentin, welcome to the forums…

  1. Yes, save the serial number that is emailed to you (you may have to pay un upgrade fee though 2 years from now…)

  2. You’re allowed 3 computers per licence (There is no web based RapidWeaver)

  3. Only if you ZIP (Compress it), you would have to copy to your local machine and work on directly, compress it, write it back to usb key…


Thanks you for your answer Turtle.
For the point 1) If I understand right, I don’t need to uninstall the licence key on the old Imac to get one of the 3 licence reusable on an other computer?

For the point 3), What if I just want to save my project for back up every time I update my website (or each month). This just to keep the wolf from the door.

Another question : If I have 2 computers with the Rapidweaver. I publish an update of my website with the first one. Then, 2 days later, I use the second one computer to edit my project. How can I get the latest version of my website on my second computer ? Is automatic update of the offline project on the second one computer or a button to press?

Again, thank you for your assistance


  1. There is no way to uninstall a licence on a machine that has the licence already, therefore you can out it on 2 additional computers or contact for transfer details. A sudo FAQ is here

Re: 3 and additional question

There is an FAQ here:

There is no automatic sync between computers for project files, assets, plugins, themes or stacks

You must install each on the different machines separately (with their respective serial numbers if required).

As for the project file (and it’s assets), follow the FAQ.


Hello, I am facing a licence problem at the moment, my main work Mac had to be repaired, so I am stuck with a new macbook 12, after installing rapidweaver 7 on the MacBook to update one of my projects I have no success activating rapidweaver 7.

So I am stuck, there should be a way to reset the licence when we sell a machine, or have to send the main machine to repair.

Some help is very welcome. Thanks.

Send your license requests to and we’ll see if we can get you back up and running.