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Hi Everyone

I did a search on Facebook on “RapidWeaver” and was surprised to find that there isnt any groups related to our favourite app!!!

So, I decided to start a Facebook group. I realise that most RapidWeavers probably don’t use Facebook, but just incase you do here is a group. Please join if you are on Facebook


Why would ANYBODY still be on Facebook???

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Because we are not 16!!!

I’m scratching my head in response to your response… :slight_smile:

Facebook has it’s uses…what social media were you thinking…most are for kids!!!

Joe, I don’t want to kill this thread for Alix. Please, stop this nonsense. Your rage is incoherent.

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So no option but yours!!!

Good idea. There are already some product specific pages on FB (i.e: Joe Workman etc.) but it’s always good to have another place for RW information…Thanks!

To the old ones who previously posted :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: FB has it’s positive sides too. I do a lot of promo for Gigs and music and that’s another way of reaching people who sadly don’t or hardly look at websites anymore.

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@Rovertek the average Facebook user is a 40 year old housewife, who spends over 20 hours per week on Facebook… for anybody building websites that actually sell products or services, that is a target demographic…

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Thanks for sharing, @GRMacGeek. :grinning: Also, the average user has no idea that Facebook is an enemy No.1 to PRIVACY. This is how Facebook is purposefully designed. There is no way around it. So, you have to decide what is more important to you: sell or care about your viewers’ privacy (and security as well).

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Well using that reasoning - we shouldn’t bother with SEO either, don’t want people on Google finding us… whatever…

and maybe we might find some more women RapidWeavers on Facebook!!

Comparing Google and Facebook does not make much sense. Facebook is a total minefield for unsuspecting users. Google is for placing our websites in favorable positions in their search engine.

I do not get why the back and forth on this thread. @alixnotes made a group, she informed everyone of it, if you like and are on Facebook, join. If you do not like and are not on Facebook, don’t. I just do not get the argument here.


Facebook has way more than its fair share of faults. It’s also has its merits. I’ve managed to get back in touch with loads of friends i’d lost contact with, enabling me to arrange to meet them in person. I have also made friends with people who share my interests when that wouldn’t be possible living where I live.

I’ll be joining the Facebook group; thanks for setting it up.

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You know it seems to me that developers and designers are missing a trick with only using the dreaded Facebook for product updates. When I go to the developers pages on FB, it is pretty obvious that they only post to it occasionally and when they have something to sell. However, as the page isnt being proactive its obvious and doesn’t encourage me to return. In my news feed I also dont see any of the update or interactions about RW. So RW is not on my radar Facebook wise. (it obviously is in my daily life as I use RW every day!!)

Now, criticisms of Facebook have already been voiced just on my posts to the RW Forums about this group. Its for 14 year olds, its mainly populated by women and I don’t want to know what you had for breakfast.

If developers want to expand their reach/market then there is little point marketing to the already very converted. There are millions of people on Facebook and I would hazard a guess that thousands of them already use Wordpress or Wix or Squarespace… Ok these are free but we all know what the massive limitations/drawbacks with the above apps are. Lets get them on to RW!!

So Im thinking, maybe all you developers, RW designers, webbuilders and others are actually missing a trick!! And a great place to start would be the group I have just set up!!


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