Can I make a social media website Like Face Book with RW

Ok I am now totally P** off with Face Book so is it possible to have my following on FB become followers on a web site built with RW. If this is possible sujjesttions for how to do this.

I don’t have any answers but will be curious to see if you find anything. I’ve spent hours looking on a web for a private alternative - there used to be some but they are gone.

I have to be frank with you. Rapidweaver is not the tool to make a website like Facebook. If you really want to try, have a look at Sitelok for user management.

I run the Weavers Space community and it runs some software called Humhub. The forums here run using Disourse. Neither use RW.

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Not with RW no, Social Engine:

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Forgot about that one. Its been around for a while.

Isn’t a platform based solely around one person/organisation and it’s followers called a blog?

Unless you have very dedicated followers or a very compelling reason for them to do so, you have zero chance of moving them from a platform like Facebook to your own.

Large corporations with bottomless pockets have tried and failed. That’s not to say you will, but it’s more than likely.

The chances are you have followers because you are on Facebook, not because you’re followers joined to follow you, if you get my drift.


HI James thank you for your comments, ( A Blog ) well thats an interesting thought. To work the Blog to its maximum capacity, I need to get some expert tutorials, I haven’t looked on RW tutorials yet so will have a look. Any other helpful tips on the Blog tutorials would be much appreciated. Links ?

Thanks on first perusal looks bit tech for this old chap but will investigate further.

OK Cathie it is going to fun to dig around and see if I can bolt something together.Cheers

My quest is much like Alex - I used to set up a private Facebook page for each litter of Golden Retriever puppies. Dog owners could post pictures and comments, I could do the same - all could see; I could advise how to handle issues. But fewer and fewer adults are joining Facebook and many are leaving so this is no longer working. A blog does not do the same thing and it’s too expensive to require everyone join and stay on Slack.

I don’t really get this. The point of Facebook is that once you’re on it you can follow as many pages, people, businesses as you like - all within one app. Not sure I’d be following as many as I do if I had to log in to each as an individual page. Additionally, it is a method of getting new followers who would otherwise never know you exist. Facebook has its issues for sure but why are you so p’d off with it?

In these instances, I don’t want followers. I want to be able to communicate with the people with the puppies without all of getting ads. And because of privacy things many Americans are getting of/not touching Facebook. So leaves only email as a group and who wants to do that.

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Privacy, Censoring, Ads. The first two are the trust and deal breakers for me. The latter I can simply do without!

OK so I guess you have to start off, as with any app development, with a very clear idea of what you must have and what would be nice to have. So is it important that your users be able to add images, videos, links, create threads. Do you need these threads to be searchable historically? Where in the world are your crowd coming from - if EU are you going to be able to meet privacy obligation? How will people join and who will moderate? lots of things to consider. Are you prepared to pay? Are your subscribers going to pay? Once you have defined these things, then look for a platform.

At its simplest, a good blog with Disqus or another forum platform will do some of this and would be by far the simplest and cheapest way to go.

You could also, as has already been mentioned, look at This will cost $299 upwards I believe. There are some questions over how much attention its developers have been paying to it in recent times and its dependency on 3rd party plugins that may not have official compatibility status. No idea how valid these concerns are.

JW’s suggestion of using SiteLok from Vibralogixis also worth looking at particularly with plugins such as Disqus / Vanilla, and Blab Messaging.

Be good to know how you get on.

I think we have now found a (good little earner for RW) if they could find a developer to look at this enormous market, you are right so many people are feed up to the gills with Face Book. There must be a programmer who could put a package together and bolt it onto RW. Thanks

It would need from might point of view, The contact form or something similar has great potential. A simple contact list that you add a new member to. This would be the basis for the whole project, the site would be closed to the new user until he/she has a password which is allotted by the owner of the site.This would allows the owner to sort spammers Yes the user needs to be able to add images to the site and text but this would be on hold until edited by the owner so maybe FTP loading to the site from the owner. Threads no. The sight I envisage is for a already established groups/ this could be/Arts or Politics, a moment of some sort/ campaigning group.
As the site is by membership a simple declaration to start with on privacy.
The contact form or something similar has great potential. This may sound muddled but its the bones of an idea.I believe this with a professional eye could be a very marketable product for NON Tech people like me. The market is growing for this type of product every day, however it need to be off the shelf and simple. To many tech people indulge in there knowledge of IT and leave behind the unenlightened. Keep it simple and you have a winner.
After Brexit I believe the UK will really push ahead with individual projects not governed by red tap from the EU. So your point about governance from EU may well not apply.

The point about EU governance will apply - that’s why the US has a number of media sites currently not available in the EU - e.g. LA Times. If the site has EU citizens involved then the law applies anywhere in the world - although how they enforce it I don’t know.


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Agree with Alex assessment of what would work.

Yup I agree totally with you we have seen the big brother techniques of members of the EU and others you mentioned. That does not stop me emailing persons on a mailing though or does it? These are all valid questions. Should this stop us using the contact page on RW I wonder? Big Brother of course is the only group to collect data! and of course (Face Book) friend of BB, that is the whole point of this topic can we build a social network? or adapt RW as a vehical.