RapidWeaver project opens blank

(Timothy Arends) #1

I have a long-standing RW project that I need to update that was created with an older version of the software. When I open it with RW 6, it creates a new version of the project in the new format which it then opens, but the file opens blank!

I can see the listing of pages on the left hand sidebar, but other than that, there’s no indication that the site was ever created. When I click any of the pages in the sidebar, those too show as blank. When i click on the Preview tab, I see the RW theme graphics and the breadcrumb trail at the bottom of each page, but nothing else.

I upgraded tonight to the current version when it suggested it, but the problem still occurs. Finder Get Info says the original file was last modified 7/29/13. I REALLY need to update this site! How can I fix this?

(David) #2

Have you first saved your project in RW 5.4.1? That must be done before opening it in RW 6.

If you need to find the download link to RW 5.4.1 or need more info or help, just search for 5.4.1 here in the forum. There have been many posts here with help for migrating projects from RW 5 to RW 6.

A search for “upgrading from rw5” turns up a number of posts with similar issues to yours.